Energy Management Training

Does this sound like you?
I am looking to apply my skills and education in a “green collar” profession, where industry will actively seek my unique skills and knowledge.

I am ... 

  • a recent immigrant with degrees, diplomas or technical experience OR
  • looking for a change to a green career OR
  • a recent graduate of a technical or engineering program OR
  • looking for opportunities to become an energy efficiency specialist with my current employer

Then the IBEX program offers you the opportunity to learn at your own pace from excellent materials and highly-qualified instructors.


Industrial and Building Energy eXpertise Training (IBEX)

On-line Training for Energy Efficiency

Learn Energy Management Practices

IBEX is a self-paced, online training program in energy management, based on the UK Energy Institutes's Training in Energy Management Through Open Learning (TEMOL) program. The curriculum, which has been carefully adapted to the Canadian context, combines foundational technical knowledge with energy assessment skills and business practices that comprise the core skill-set for successful energy managers. Online materials are supplemented with optional workshop sessions offered free-of-charge to program participants. There is a field-practice component to the course, that will give you the opportunity to perform audits of actual facilities under the guidance of an experienced mentor. 

Are you a business owner looking to green your facility, improve your bottom line through increased energy efficiency, wondering how to apply for government funding to implement projects, confused about where to start?

Consider sending your facilities, purchasing, production or maintenance personnel through IBEX training. Your company will immediately acquire knowledge on areas of energy efficiency and cost savings, and discover how to access provincial and federal funding programs that will support  your transition to energy saving technology and process.

As part of the IBEX training, your delegate will lead a no-cost mentored energy project that could be an energy audit of your facility, and produce recommendations specific to your facility.

You also have the option of participating as an energy management project facility, without sending your own personnel by using IBEX students who could then become your energy manager. To learn more, please visit our contacts page.


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